Get your freak on!

Brighton Fetish Weekend is coming soon.

And we at Shibari 4 Beginners are delighted. Shibari workshops are being arranged as we speak on and around these dates and we are SOOOO looking forward to all the fabulous events. This is what the weekend has in store according to the Brighton Fetish Weekend website.

“The weekend awaits you… Fab. Friendly. Fun.

2016 theme: Emergency 999 – medical, police and fire, even army, navy or airforce! With incredibly talented international performers such as Ben X Bodecker, Coco Deville, Cynth Icorn, Marnie Scarlet and MisSa Blue, plus a whole bunch of other gorgeous shows and activities, we hope this year’s event will surpass all the others.

24 Jun 2016 – 21:00
Pure & Perverted: Kinky Cocktails
Brighton BN2 1TF

25 Jun 2016 – 12:00
Sensual Overload: Fetish Expo
Brighton BN2 1TL

25 Jun 2016 – 12:00
Fetish Photography Flashmob

25 Jun 2016 – 21:00
Emergency 999: Club Spank Ball
Brighton BN1 8YR

26 Jun 2016 – 12:00
Twisted Market & Afterparty
Brighton BN2 1TL

This year we have no less than five events across three venues for you to enjoy. Please note the brand-new Fetish Photography Flashmob event, which is included in the ticket price even though we pay our photographers for this. The Friday night party is also two-for-the-price-of-one, with each floor displaying a completely different atmosphere through its particular music and activities, and each having its own bar. As we’ve kept prices almost exactly the same as last year, you’re now getting even better value for money.

Friday night:
Pure & Perverted – Kinky Cocktails. Two parties in one! The entry level is all sweetness and light, the basement dungeon is only for those who want a walk on the wild side.

The Latest Music Bar is a beautiful listed building with two floors combining the best of old and new Brighton. Downstairs features the original magic city stage set created by Lisa Dickson and upstairs has the restaurant bar with a glorious skylight, making it a cool and spacious area.

Saturday afternoon:
Fetish Photography Flashmob

A new event, free to all ticket holders (please bring your tickets for us to check), this is your chance to cause a stir by making a quick appearance in public in your fetish finery. The exact location will be announced here on the morning of Sat 25th June, but will probably be around the seafront or central Brighton.

Saturday afternoon:
Sensual Overload – Fetish Expo

Bar Red has been the home of Brighton Twisted Market for over a year now. It boasts one of the best locations on the seafront, commanding the best ocean views, and is on the doorstep of the tourist centre. The adjoining Funkyfish is the longest running nightclub in the city.

Saturday night:
Club Spank Ball – Emergency 999

Waterhall Pavilion. This multi-room venue just 5 minutes drive outside Brighton has received enthusiastic feedback, people love its kooky appeal, private location and relaxed vibe.

Sunday afternoon:
Brighton Twisted Market and Afterparty – Bar Red

Sound wicked and we can’t wait. Big respect to all the shining souls at Brighton Fetish Weekend. See you there!

Simon & Gary

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