Nikoletta Monyok | An amazing Hungarian photographer.

Darling Niki is our favourite and official photographerl
As Niki says: “We all know that dreams are a major part of reality. The special and courageous ones manifest themselves. When different dreams find each other and bond together magic just happens. That is what my pictures are all about.”
Niki is currently working on a project about Circus life and interestingly enough wants to meet people to discuss a new book about the Fetish scene. These photos are part of that project. She would be happy to hear from any of you out there in out there land.
Check out some of her stunning work here
She also has some incredible underwater work we have to tell you about …. check this – amazing yes?
Photgraphy | Nicoletta Monyok
Rigger | DJ Fet
Models | Isabell,Simon Bunny & Lois

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