Brighton Fetish Weekend and Shibari4Beginners

We are so excited and we just cant hide it!

Brighton Fetish weekend is coming up soon with its spectacular programme of events for all fun loving kinksters and other free thinking, shining souls. We are sooo looking forward to meeting you all and possibly wrapping you up with love!

You can see more details here.

We have a nice little space to showcase what we do and show you how you can get involved in exploring the sensual world of rope. We plan to be ‘hands on’ and be around to teach a few quick and exciting bedroom bondage binds for you, as always with elegance and style. We have a few of our great models and bunnies with us to demo some work and a few very exciting guests we would like to tell you about.



DJFet | Our very special guest and one of our favourite people from the world of Shibari.

Djfet is rapidly becoming a shibari national treasure. Her flair for teaching in a kind and humorous manner has attracted a legion of fans. She has been tying, being tied, and teaching for the last 5 years and has developed the only psychology and rope workshop in the world which repeatedly sells out.
She is a sought after rigger for photo shoots and has recently had an image published in the British Journal of Photography. She also helps run the highly successful South Coast Shibari Group. The photo above by Digital Dave is one of her ties.

Nikoletta Monyok | An amazing Hungarian photographer.

Nikoletta is one of our very favourite photographers.
As Niki says: “We all know that dreams are a major part of reality. The special and courageous ones manifest themselves. When different dreams find each other and bond together magic just happens. That is what my pictures are all about.”
Niki is currently working on a project about Circus life and will be photographing us at the expo and wants to meet people to discuss a new book about the Fetish scene. Please come and say hi!
Check out some of her stunning work here

Ziggy | Incredible face and body painting artist.

Ziggy takes body and face painting to a new level She will be with us for the day as part of our photoshoot. You are of course all invited to join in, come and let us tie you up for a short and sweet moment, and if you wish get your face painted for the parties later!
 Exceptional talent and skill. Ziggy is a top professional in her field.
See some of her work here and here.

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